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November 2017

— So that your module can get rejected


Anyways, the solution for versioning, for a lot of people, is have two version numbers... an NPM version and a project version. But then that's just even more confusing

— Would be like the Apple app store haha

— Maybe that would be good for a specific part of the registry, like instead of reject it put it somewhere else

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— Have a "Trusted Modules" section

— Yeah

— That would be great

— Maybe just badges

— Gahhhhhh damn it, I am so used to the reclining desk chairs at work... now that I am home I find myself leaning back to quickly find my chair does not recline

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— #firstworldproblems

— Doable as a third party initiative I think

— [X] - No side-effects
[X] - Tests
[X] - Dependency of a top 100 module