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November 2017

— The fact you are forced to use SemVer is funny, since that has resulted in nearly every NPM user totally misusing it!

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Pretty much no one out there actually has a SemVer server like that, and in fact most people don't actually know what SemVer is, and just assume it's a notation

— Do you like my done message


printf "Done! ・ω・\n"

— Hah

— Well, I think it's better than nothing though

— At least it will educate SOME npm users about semver

— Look here:

— See "Nonce Update"? Yeah, that's there because NPM forced it on me...

— The whole versioning of the project is 100% out of control as soon as it is tied to NPM... no bueno

— I think they could be a lot stricter in the public registry though, for instance:
* Never allow side-effects when a library is require'd
* Have a self-semver-analysis by checking the exports of each library in a sandbox

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— I guess the second one would be hard