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November 2017

— I'm just saying that NOT using a module system (until imports are finalized) in browsers is a vulnerability

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For instance:

var i = 4;


var arr = [];
arr.length = i;

i is a dependency of script2.js

— Yeah

— This is without a module system

— Introducing a direct implicit dependency

— Using dependencies as arguments is much better

— Personally for my own projects, I just use GNU Make

— Easy enough to cat modules into an IIFE and then spit out a single file, uses both Bash and Make's own language

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— Https://

— There's the makefile for one of them

— It's actually quite funny haha, I crammed testing, linting, minifying etc... into a single file like that. It just snags NPM packages and Github repos into the build directory and uses them locally

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— And I haven't found it harder than Grunt/Gulp or Webpack at all... in fact it's too simple to get wrong most of the time

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