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November 2017

— Yep, i guess


And having to write my own front-end code was what I was trying to avoid with a framework in the first place :D

— There are tons of js libs out there, you can use them i guess

— So by using bulma I've gained nothing if I still need to whack vue or whatever in there

— That won't help at all, HTML needs redoing if you did it without CSS in mind

— Like it or not, HTML is VERY tightly coupled to CSS, even though it shouldn't be

— No not vue, vue is a framework, u need some light weight libs i guess

— Well of course

— Well, frontend JS isn't as bad as frontend CSS

— So the JS part would be much less code

— But I mean, I have like templates that spit out tables and stuff

— And it doesn't really matter where I include that template, I can just move stuff around