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October 2017

— Nvm, realize i can just pass class name 😄


Guys, do you know why they decided to make the arrow functions bound to the parent context? I mean, was there a reason for it?

— What else would it be bound to 🤔

— Well, arrow functions don't have their own this, while normal functions do, right?

— Correct

— So... what was the point of that approach?

— Because when you start something, you dont have anything, so you dont need anything else

— I'm not sure I understood that explanaition lol

— It says it should return inserted nodes, not the parent they came from

— I was in the C++ source and have fully documented the implementation now. No one who wrote docs knew about this.

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— Also it doesn't matter if a document fragment is a node or not, the documented behavior is very clear about what should get returned, and the fragment is not an inserted node.

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— I don't think its bad implemented. They never states "if the newChild is a DocumentFragment, the DocumentFragment objects are returned". They states: "this results in all the child nodes of the DocumentFragment being moved to the child list". The newChild is a Node, so that is returned.
Is very suttle the difference.

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