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October 2017

— But it is well known Apple and Mozilla dislike the W3C as an organization and both consider DOM Level 3 Core to be obsolete, opting instead to use the WHATWG living standard instead, which is so vague they can implement a lot without explanation.

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I think its not very specified on the DOM Level 3 Core Document what happens with the return value of the node-inserting operations, so they delegated that part to the implementation. I don't think Mozilla or Apple failed to stick on the document.
Besides that, DocumentFragment is an interface of Node so its technically a Node itself. In this thinking I would return the empty DocumentFragment because its a Node.

— The W3C IDL Definition for DocumentFragment is

interface DocumentFragment : Node {

— Halp

— How to re-reload element from variable?


var table_body_channel = $('#thetable tbody'); // this is the element (this element not exist yet)

in the listData function i am calling table.DataTable({}); then the tbody exists

but in listData when i call table_body_channel its not the correct tbody. how to make it work?

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— Nvm, realize i can just pass class name 😄

— Guys, do you know why they decided to make the arrow functions bound to the parent context? I mean, was there a reason for it?

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— What else would it be bound to 🤔

— Well, arrow functions don't have their own this, while normal functions do, right?

— Correct

— So... what was the point of that approach?