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October 2017

— Halp, i want to show my json data from my api to javascript datatables
this is how the json looks like

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And atm my js looks like this

$(document).ready(function () {
"ajax": "http://localhost:8401/administrator/channel/",
"columns": [
{"data": "channel_code"},
{"data": "channel_name"},
{"data": "channel_phone"},
{"data": "channel_email"}

— Its throwing error from i is undefined, l undefined, j undefined. and now am stuck at TypeError: f is undefined

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— No idea what those error means 😢

— Lol, everything is undefined

— Did i miss something?

— I dont think so, the code looks fine, maybe problem in some other block of code

— Thats all my code, the other is datatables.js, jquery.js 😕

— console should show u the line number and the file which throws error

— Yeah its jquery.dataTables.min.js:27:64

— Probably use uncompressed version and check what is the issue

— I did that, its changed to column is undefined now its said TypeError: aData is undefined