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October 2017

— Why not class syntax ?


Because in the first example you only define TWO functions, while the second example defines a function per instance you create

— Yup, prototypes don't get copied on new

— This is also cool because setting this.thing on an object doesn't overwrite this.prototype.thing, it just overrides it

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— Well, heh

— Hey guys can anyone help me with this I came across this question want to solve it using Js..
Write a function called “getEncryptedText()” that takes a random string and generates a password out of it and another function called “getDecryptedText()” that takes the output of the “getEncryptedText()” function and returns the original string

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— Ehh, what the fuck


var getEncryptedText = atob;
var getDecryptedText = btoa;

— Why not do that?

— (in browser)

— I will just ignore the question I don't understand it

— I need help with this guys please:

Write a program which accepts a sequence of comma-separated numbers from console and and generates a (n by m) of n times​ ​m​ ​=​ ​​input_number matrix based on the number of input given. Suppose the following input is supplied to the program: 34,67,55,33,12,98 → 6 input. Then, the output should be a 2 by 3 matrix or a 3 by 2 matrix since both multiplication equals to 6 the total number of the inputs: Sample Output [[34, 67], [55,33], [12,98]] or [[34,67,55],[33,12,98]]

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