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October 2017

— So if you do:

var thing = window.otherThing.methodThing;

methodThing will loose its' reference to otherThing

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Same happens if you do:

function useThing(thing) {


— And this within methodThing will just refer to either window (non-strict mode) or undefined (strict mode)

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— (You should ALWAYS be using strict mode btw)

— Hi every body . did any one of you used cucumber.js for testing nodejs application ?

— Any one develop web applications with bdd ? for application features and acceptance tests ?

— What is bdd?

— I guess tdd(

— ℹ️ Definition of BDD
BDD is an acronym that stands for big dirty dick.

📌 Examples

so this girls like, "i'm hungry."
and i'm like, "oh! i got some bdd you can have."
"whats that?" she asks
some big dirty dick.

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— Kek

— Behaviour driven development, that is all ik :D