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October 2017

— Considering:
Storage {sub-filter-external: "SPEC_PAINT|RIMS_19", sub-filter-internal: "STW_LEATH", length: 2}

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Why _.forEach(_.filter(_.keys(window.sessionStorage), storageKey => _.includes(storageKey, 'sub-filter')), window.sessionStorage.removeItem)

— Says: Uncaught TypeError: Illegal invocation

— Shouldn't foreach call window.sessionStorage.removeItem with a string as an argument?

— If i say console log infact it logs 2 strings as expected, why can't it call window.sessionStorage.removeItem?

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— Wow wat

— Uhm

— How would this look without lodash?

— Fuck, I'm not *that* familiar with lodash

— Well

— From inside to outside is:

— Get object keys as an array