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September 2017

— It's fucking terrible


Yeah, but so is JS. The difference is that JD got popular these last year's, but it doesn't make it a good language

— A good language is C#, for example

— But nonetheless people use PHP and JS, and the web is full of it

— The most perfect language I ever saw was scheme


— Wat

— Yeah, PHP is both objectively and semantically harder to use than most other languages. It might have uses in text processing (I know a Googler who uses it to make books) or any number of "best-fit" use cases, but that doesn't detract from the ever present problems it has

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— If you use PHP for building big apps, you should consider C# or C++, since PHP is designed to (feebly and incorrectly) emulate the semantcs of those languages.

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— Just testing PHP and found out:
$a = "2 Apples";
$b = "3 Billion cats";
echo ($a+$b); // output => 5

How can string coerced with string become int ignoring the letter? 🤣

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— Why would one do this?

— Because you concat strings with a . in php. Dont ask me why... Also i'd expect an error and not this kind of working bullshit

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