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September 2017

β€” That's what I'm not sure about. It would make sense if I use Typescript or ES6 classes and stuff, but with normal JS it would be maybe too complicated. At least I'm not used to prototype inheritance

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Is it because its not type hinted lang ? its slow ? its not good for realtime apps (i know this) ? ....

β€” Or maybe it's just me that I don't know my JS well πŸ˜‚

β€” All these things and so much more

β€” You know the flaws

β€” Come on

β€” What about es6 classes inhertance ?

β€” Yeah, in that case, I think it would be neat 🀘🏼😊

β€” You know php now support type hints . and it is more faster than before .

β€” The only down side now about php it is not good for realtime apps

β€” Indeed

β€” PHP will probably never disappear. It's not a bad language, there are just more popular options I guess. But it will still be used a lot πŸ€”

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