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September 2017

— Not if you have good machine (with ssd) . and if your application is simple you can use sqlite db in memory

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Imho, it depends on the kind of app that your developing. For example, recently my team got assigned a 2 million € project for BIC. That project requires highly detailed architecture design before starting to code as well as tons of integrations, with their integration tests

— It depends on the scale

— Ehhhhhh

— So you want to limit development of your app to only those with good machines?

— Not good for collaboration m8

— Simple applications like crud apps don't need unit tests . except when you have very custom features and class (this if you use good tested framework like laravel in php or ror in ruby)

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— Depends entirely on where they're used, how stable they need to be, etc

— Like you said it depends

— And if you want a good app, you'll of course avoid PHP at ALL costs

— Did you used this onion arch with js before in real project?

— Why ?