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September 2017

— It is a multi-paradigm language, but it has OO


Well I wouldn't go that far tho... it is an architecture used by many big enterprises. Even Martin Fowler wrote about it at the time. It's just that it may not be fit for everything, you have a point there

— Http://

— Great article. It's another way of looking at what we're talking about :)

— Ain't onion and hexagonal kinda the same thing but from different point of views?

— In my opinion it is complex arch . I prefer active record like eloquent (in laravel) and when the application become complex . I use services or repositories

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— Forther more , yes active record can not be unit tested . but if the developer welly iterested in test . can use integration tests with db queries and transactions.

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— Integration tests suck

— Well, it's more of a short-term thing, but it makes sense in its context

— Why ?

— But sometimes they're even more important than unit tests

— Slow as fuck