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September 2017

— Guess who?


Sure, I'll buy that. But then the thing gets big. You have 1m users. Now, it's time to refactor because it ain't scalable. What? No engineering?

— And who is it?

— Yes, then it's time

— Only then

— Linus

— Ok, so what then? Does this architecture make sense within a JS project?

— I barely started with JS a year ago and I'm aware that it is not a OO languare. That's the main thing why this might not make sense

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— It doesn't make sense at all to me

— JS or not

— It is a multi-paradigm language, but it has OO

— Well I wouldn't go that far tho... it is an architecture used by many big enterprises. Even Martin Fowler wrote about it at the time. It's just that it may not be fit for everything, you have a point there

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