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September 2017

— How to loop item[num].airline_name == filter[num] with num of filter?


1. You're assigning the return value of flight.filter to func, but it will not return a function, but an array.
2. There is no point in the inner for-loop, since you return instantly anyway.
3. This code implies that flight is an array of arrays, is that correct?

— Yes, its array , i want to filter array with more airline name and show


var result = flight.filter(function (item) {
return filter.includes(item[0].airline_name);

— Try that?

— Or just item.airline_name and simplify your flight array

— I try it

— It's work ,thanks..
I am confused to find this keyword in google

— <!— what is the use of this tag on js ? —>

— Nothing, it doesn't exist

— It's a HTML comment

— Https://
^ this, while kernel programming, makes one feel like they are back in 1993

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