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September 2017

— Fs is a very common abbreviation for filesystem in the computer range, not only node


I think it's ok to name it like that, extreme abbreviation is cancer anyway, but it applies to every language

— In some cases the abbreviation becomes the word, for example, here in Italy, ASAP has become a common word

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— And it's treated like a word not an acronym

— I mean, everyone here knows what is an API, but not everyone knows what A.P.I. means

— import facebookAPI from 'Facebook' or import facebookApplicationProgramInterface from 'Facebook'

— That is extreme, but it's an example

— Shame on you... 😂 var a = 'smthn'; kills cats haha

— Ugh

— Name variables properly!

— Functions are variables

— There is no point on calling variables a,b,c,d