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September 2017

— Okay, its all about testing.


Using Javascript frameworks.

— Lmfao

— Are u talking to me

— Oh god this is so fucking true lol

— Https://

— I found the response very good :)

— Sharing it in case someone else does too

— I found this funny:

There is a tendency for node programmers to use non descript variable names. This is a very bad trend and should be stopped. Out of context what is rl, or fs, only those in the know will understand. If I did not know better? the persistence of these abbreviations in node.js code would suggest a form of deliberate elitism.

Use descriptive names for variable, just because everyone uses a particular abbreviation does not make it a good choice of name.

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— Do you guys find that true?

— Fs is a very common abbreviation for filesystem in the computer range, not only node

— I think it's ok to name it like that, extreme abbreviation is cancer anyway, but it applies to every language

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