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September 2017

— Hey gent
i finally solve that problem i had yesterday with react
now i am face with another,


My props is not showing in my browser... everything worked perfectly when i didn't add the props but as soon as i added the props it just stop working. what could be the problem?

— Can you help me do cross domain AJAX request JQUERY without problems?

— Don't worry guys i solve it already i was using the wrong function for the component instead of using react function i went to use the es6 function

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— What the difference between qa and qe? someone can tell me?

— The second one is similar except it ends with an e

— What are you talking about?

— Quality engineer and quality assurance bro

— In software life cycle

— "Quality Engineer" is a buzzword to make "software tester" sound less boring

— "Quality Assurance" is a buzzword to make "software testing" sound less boring

— True story 😂