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September 2017

— Http://


Hey guys i am done with node.js tut by net ninja now i am going through react... but i am stuck at video 2 where i have to add this ("start": "npm run build",
"build": "webpack -d && webpack-dev-server --content-base src/ --inline --hot --port 1234") to my package.json but when i run it using npm start i got a bunch of errors... does any one have an idea on how i can resolve this because i can't move forward without resolving this..

— WHAT errors?

— Phaser?

— I know there are many, just haven't got good nor bad references of any

— I was just wondering if any of you had tried any of them and had any impressions

— "There is likely additional logging output above"

— I've tried phaser for 20 mins

— What do you mean by logging output

— He means there is more text above

— Https://

— This is the npm-debug.log