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September 2017

— Looks better?


The rationale is explained in previous replies. It's to make it easier to see what's what, and to make commenting those lines out, or moving them around easier without having to also edit the PREVIOUS lines as well.

— Sorry didn't see

— Nice


a &&
b ||
c && (
d ||

&& b
|| c
&& (
|| e

— All expressions have the same indentation level in the first way

— Guys, do you know any good JS/HTML game engines?

— I've seen Quintus

— But I was wondering if there are any other cool ones

— That also enforce good practices

— Http://

— Hey guys i am done with node.js tut by net ninja now i am going through react... but i am stuck at video 2 where i have to add this ("start": "npm run build",
"build": "webpack -d && webpack-dev-server --content-base src/ --inline --hot --port 1234") to my package.json but when i run it using npm start i got a bunch of errors... does any one have an idea on how i can resolve this because i can't move forward without resolving this..

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