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September 2017

— Anything else is superyuck


Actually, there's valid reason why people do it that way. It makes it easier to see what's what at a glance, and it makes it easier to move/remove/comment out those lines without having to edit the previous line in addition to the line you're trying to change.

— Yeah, I agree. I do it also when working in Apex

— The same when I do that

— It's to simplify commenting out :-P

— Aaaaah

— 😂

— Not beautiful, but comfortable 🤷‍♀️

— I do the same with commas in Python, too.

— Rationale?

— Looks better?

— The rationale is explained in previous replies. It's to make it easier to see what's what, and to make commenting those lines out, or moving them around easier without having to also edit the PREVIOUS lines as well.

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