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September 2017

— Hmm, I wonder if this will work


Scheduler.prototype.opt = function (queue, timings) {
var loc = 0;
queue.sort(proc => loc++, timings[loc - 1][0] - timings[loc][0]);

— Sorting the queue in place instead of map ing the timings array

— Hell no haha. Apparently sort is not linear. I figured it out though

— Looked it up by PID instead of index and it appears to work fine

— Kek

— No, i mean user just preview my file pdf, no able to download this file

— This is not possible

— You can't give a user a file and not give it to them

— You can give them the file in an inconvenient format though, like an image file

— In codeigniter ? how?

— Like in any other framework/language too