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September 2017

— Please guys does anyone have a link to good video tutorial on react . Google is not been specific


You need to learn to search for resource, bro. Not that we can't provide stuff for you, but it's a soft skill you'll thank having in the future

— Https://

— It's better than a vid-tutorial. You can copy/paste stuff and play around

— In any case, this looks pretty legit:

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— I shared it with him in the other group 👍

— Phew, this is really hard. Taking baby steps, divide & conquer problem solving... splitting the large problems like process time analysis, added to scheduling and time slicing, into smaller subproblems. One big thing I came up with to make it easier is a process API. So far it's not very complicated, but I decided to make it encapsulate the whole event and signal system, as well as the IPC system

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— Oh damn

— Keep going

— I'm rooting


const Application = new Process(function* () {

while (true) {




}, 0);

Application.exec(); // Something like:



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— Application.kill();