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September 2017

— Nah... If I were doing datacenter emulation yes, since they would need some form of processor scheduling. Since it's just a simulator we can just use very basic math to make it "look like" a functional datacenter

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Instead this will be a hyper portable VM-like desktop. Kind of like running a Linux livecd, except as an application (in Electron). Bitmap graphics means you can also stream the output over a network, and have a remote desktop too

— Since it will be inspired by the original Mac OS (System 7) it will be of limited use, though.

— Wow amazing

— "real" useful JS/Node OS use concurrent threads for multitasking, and this will only have a single shared thread for all processes

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— Will test 4 u

— If it ever works enough to get tested, sure :D

— I worked on the MMU and got my brain melted... Did some whiteboard brainstorming at work. On Monday I'll take a photo (if they don't erase it)

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— Hah, great

— Who knows. Maybe I can make the thing POSIX compliant

— That's where the real fun begins, after the kernel is done I get to build an OS and apps on it

— Very nice