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September 2017

— Single-threaded


Applications will use system calls to the kernel for specific things. Stuff like yield DISPATCHER_WAIT(pid); which tells the scheduler to not run the program's main thread again, only running the event loop, until the dispatcher gets an IPC message from the specified pid

— There will be messaging between running programs, so you might want to wait for a message sometimes.

— I will also be disabling Node automatic GC via C++

— So GC will only run when there is actual work to do, and it will only run as a scheduler program at a low system pid

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— Otherwise there will be random unpredictable delays, impacting events and interactivity

— Damn man, that's too much for my little knowledge lmao

— 😳

— Dani is JS and C++ goddess

— Pfft, no way

— I am a baby when it comes to C++

— Alright