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September 2017

— I am writing that MMU, crazy stuff for JS


All of it will run in Electron with Supervisor and User modes, along with their own memory spaces, seperated by an IPC socket through the kernel

— I might implement a bit-mapped graphics output... maybe

— Probably a fullscreen HTML5 canvas or something

— Wtf?

— Wouldn't it be better to implement that in any other language?

— I mean, I'm no expert, but that sounds like a bite too big for JS lol

— Hello everyone, please i just started learning js so i am going through a video by net ninja on node.js... but when i run this code to create a directory and also create a file write.txt in it containing the content from the read.txt file it is just not showing anything in the new directory i created.. What could have gone wrong???
var fs = require('fs');

fs.mkdirSync('stuff', function(){
fs.readFile('read.txt', 'utf8', function(err, data){
fs.writeFile('./stuff/write.txt', data);

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— Remove "Sync"?

— It worked thanks, totally did not see that

— Also look at util.promisify


const fs =
const { promisify } =

const mkdir =
const readFile =
const writeFile =

.then(() =>
.then(data =>
writeFile('stuff/write.txt', data));

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