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September 2017

— They override the prototype's properties, but they remain untouched


This also means you can chain prototypes between each other or share them between different classes, all without worrying about it being modified

— IE, a prototype can have a prototype, and so forth, allowing you to "extend" objects

— That is how the JS basic "class" system works, it's not classes at all but rather chains of objects with properties that override each other from the top-down

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— If you are using ES2015 classes this looks a lot different when you write it out though, as it's some sugar to make it look like normal classes

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— You're insane

— Mad scientist stuff

— Performance reasons, copying functions (directly on the object) vs referencing functions (using prototypes)

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— Welp my iterator has an identity crisis now... with FIFO queue it is BFS and not IDDFS... and if I switch to a stack it's DFS and breaks filter and path mapping

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— Yeah, Dani is the Chuck Norris of JS.

— I may be some day haha

— Thomas knows more than me... give him some credit too :P