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September 2017

— Huh, makes sense


Instead I would simply have a cursor increment every traversal, moving down the array as it's value increases

— Would double as a "total nodes traversed" number too

— It all lives in the heap anyways

— Seems like a good way

— I need help writing this btw

— It is informative (I think) but could be more readable


nodeStack[nodeStack.length] = nextTuple;

state.paths[state.paths.length] = Array.from(state.paths[state.paths.length - nodeStack.length]);

state.paths[state.paths.length - 1].push(state.accessor);

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— So far it only does containers/objects... I want to add primitives as well somehow but it is slightly harder

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— Bahahaha it grew mother fuckers!

— 🌚

— Hey guys, i dont understand why to use prototype instead to make methods and fields in the object class

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