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August 2017

— Yes, if function/class is exported,

import 'functionNameOrClass' from 'module'


You build it in a web portal, then it bundles only parts of the lib you need... Actually I am wondering if jQuery already has that somewhere

— An issue should be created for it on github, seems a nice idea

— Heh, lodash works this way

— Maybe jQuery is highly coupled thats why not possible in jQuery

— That's definitely why

— The jQuery object wrappers make it sort of coupled but there are several large monolithic parts that can be easily replaced with like 2 lines of vanilla DOM API code

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— Avoiding using a NodeList etc... doesn't save you any effort imo. Especially when you know what an iterator is and what that means for the DOM

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— NodeList = targeting system for DOM nodes, is not an actual list containing Nodes. It's iterator pulls up Nodes as a window to the DOM itself via on demand traversal

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— Array.from :^)

— Oh wait

— NodeList is dynamic?