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August 2017

— Hello


I always get into rants about jQuery but I think the #1 issue is... How much do you actually need it? Like, literally how big is your project and what is the actual number/percentage of uses of the library. 99% of the time I see very few uses of it, even in something as complex as a template engine... In the end you can easily use the DOM API itself with just as much complexity, or write a tiny spattering of kitchen sink functions

— If you could include like in C++ or Java, like

include "jquery::sizzle"

that would be neat and solve the bloat issue imo

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— Bare minimum you need jQuery object wrapper and Sizzle

— You can actually if jQuery is rewritten in that way

— Like with webpack and native javascript modules?

— There are jQuery like libs with that functionality

— I haven't seen source code of jQuery

— Yes, if function/class is exported,

import 'functionNameOrClass' from 'module'

— You build it in a web portal, then it bundles only parts of the lib you need... Actually I am wondering if jQuery already has that somewhere

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— An issue should be created for it on github, seems a nice idea

— Heh, lodash works this way