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August 2017

— Guys, got another philosophy question 🤔


Is it better to place tests inside the src/ folder (so they are afterwards compiled to our dist/ folder) or leave them out of it and include them in a different build process?

— I use jasmine which puts it's tests in spec directory

— I've been playing all afternoon with Typescript and eventually I came across two different approaches... mocha+chai which requires compiling the tests or Jest which doesn't

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— Hmm

— What's the spec directory for?

— I am pretty sure you can make them optional if you use npm, using the devDependencies field in package.json

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— Should they be optional?

— For production builds I don't include tests, but I don't know of any reason not to

— Ugh. I'm used to Salesforce platform where you have to carry your tests EVERYWHERE

— But no idea what Node best practices are

— Haha