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August 2017

— Even in js type safety can result in malware exploiting a hole, consider if a pointer is passed to one of the many C++ node modules... if the C++ isn't type safe you have the potential to execute JMP instructions to anywhere in memory

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This literally happened to Microsoft, in their Windows Defender product which also happened to plug JS into C++

— Shipping my module, now will be on npm :D

— Type safety does not do shit when you are passing pointers between languages...

— Type safety means you don't pass a pointer unless you want to

— Lack of type safety means a pointer can be passed regardless

— And?

— Do you have any specific question about it?

— Guys, got another philosophy question 🤔

— Is it better to place tests inside the src/ folder (so they are afterwards compiled to our dist/ folder) or leave them out of it and include them in a different build process?

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— I use jasmine which puts it's tests in spec directory

— I've been playing all afternoon with Typescript and eventually I came across two different approaches... mocha+chai which requires compiling the tests or Jest which doesn't

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