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August 2017

— I don't disagree, I'm just saying you can't parse all valid JS regex into a DFA


Anyway this discussion was a really long way of saying that you regex compare function can't take all regexes heh.

— If it was as complex as the compiler compiler it could, is what I was saying haha

— Was a nice discussion though

— Oh yeah right okay

— But then of course, the comparison wouldn't be by DFA

— That's actually interesting too, you'd basically be comparing two Turing machines. I wonder what that implies CS-wise

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— Hmmm! Sounds like a nice big present for an ultranerd

— You could compute halting problems

— I suppose that means you could find out if input for A would halt B or vice versa

— Oh, you could also do splicing operations to make a C, a combined A and B that can handle inputs for both

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— In other words... generate a new regex from two