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August 2017

— Well that's interesting I guess, I just wonder why you'd need this


The thing is this also won't work on many regexes since modern regular expressions are not actually regular

— All regular expressions can be represented as a DFA, although the DFA can be extremely large

— Some regex with overlapping terminals may cause problems but it's just an extra case

— The hard part is writing the parser to turn the regex into DFA... but that itself can possibly be made out of a DFA too

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— Well, if they are truly regular

— Like I said, what you call "regex" today is not necessarily regular anymore but can be context free or even context sensitive

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— For example, using the results of captures inside of your match or using lookahead

— Dfa are context free

— All context free langs can be understood by automata

— Not afaik

— I wrote a compiler compiler in C++ that does it :P