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August 2017

— Even if the regex source strings are TOTALLY different


myRegex1.source === myRegex2.source only tells you if the strings are equivalent, not what they can understand

— Right!

— Without any input or test data

— You would need infinite test data

— Hmm, I don't think it's precise

— Or 65535*65535 fuzz strings, if not more

— I believe it's in the billions to get a 100% accurate result

— You would need to fuzz them with ALL possible strings in existence

— So instead of doing that... convert to graph, traverse the graph, do very basic comparison on 2 numbers per-node

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— Or you can do like my boss, try a function with 2/3 inputs, if it works then it's ok!

— For a range, you check if your range for regex 1 is within or equal to the range of regex 2 for that specific node

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