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August 2017

— It's not holywar it's just the right way to define variables


My boss just did this:

mounted: function () {
this.background = this.$el.querySelector('.stories-background')
this.stories = this.$el.parentElement.querySelector('.stories')

in a vue component. You can reference $el inside a component, that does not mean it's good. It leads to unwanted behaviors (as it is and that it's why I am refactoring this)

— Oh christ


— Infact, when you change route everything explodes

— Two weeks and he produced a 1k lines class with weveryfuckingthing in a single component, no split, no functions

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— Wat

— Fucking shite

— Because he can't read a doc it seems

— He also delegated everything in a canvas component to requestanimationframe instead of using computed and use requestanimationframe just for rendering

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— And now -> "please refactor it, it's slow"

— I am about to smash my keyboard