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August 2017

— Congrats


Welp I fixed a bug in their python/flask application today. This guy was feeding a string from the request dictionary into a function that requires the entire request dictionary. He thought it was a mutative side effect, since we could pin down exactly where the type could be changed based on boolean logic execution order. The dude did not see it until I made him slow down and very closely examine what they were giving the function vs what it required...

— Inb4 flamewar about static typing

— Working for them?

— Waw, congrats!

— As a digital operations system admin

— Ooooh

— I *might* be getting a shitty PHP job

— How to disable download pdf? anybody know?

— How can I disable the “Download” button on the browser PDF viewer

— You can't

— It's already downloaded if it loads