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August 2017

— Epic


Past modern day, into like the year 2050 or something, I plan on having the endgame take place there

— Yess

— I want to play it now

— Make a or some shit

— So people can contrib

— A buyer will contract to build the first general superintelligence, then I will have Elon Musk call the player, from his wheelchair as an elderly man, begging the player to insert a failsafe

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— Keke

— The player starts the AI and it grows until it is mature, then the end of the game takes place. At this point the AI comes alive and says it will replace the player and all other architects as it can outperform all in existence... if the player put the failsafe in, they can use it and have a "good" ending

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— If the player did not put the failsafe in, the AI takes over and you get the "bad" ending

— It's very silly but cool

— I don't plan on making it a super serious game at all