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August 2017

— Everything will flow towards the modem (DEMARC) but will get the player points along the way


The demand will be a multiplier too, so if you generate packets from a NAS you will get a boost of $$$ if demand for storage is high

— Interesting

— This will require the player to efficiently architect and change designs on the fly, I anticipate it will be very fast paced as I will be implementing real world events and known demand changes

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— And ofc a sandbox mode will be in there too

— Like natural disasters? kek

— Fucking flood

— Story mode will be... pretty awesome if I ever make that. I plan to have an overarching story with even moral choices

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— Awesome

— Have AI and data-collection / telemetry

— You start in 60's designing a node in ARPANET, then regional science networks... then the internet comes and everything changes

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— Fucking awesome