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August 2017

— It may never happen but it is a cool idea for the future I guess


After the basic math is done I need to tack on custom algorithms to make it behave closer to what the game needs, stuff like rate limiting and buffering

— Will it implement TCP on top of UDP like the real thing?

— The flow simulation has to simulate even the cross cutting math, not just the end results, as the simulation is iterative and may have different behaviors depending on number of iterations (IE: takes 3 cycles to get a packet to somewhere)

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— I suppose it'd have to have a certain level of abstraction

— Not really

— Just generic "Packets" that come in whole real numbers

— Depending on where it goes and comes from, it will satisfy demand like processing power, storage, etc...

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— I see

— Everything will flow towards the modem (DEMARC) but will get the player points along the way

— The demand will be a multiplier too, so if you generate packets from a NAS you will get a boost of $$$ if demand for storage is high

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— Interesting