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August 2017

— Https://


I could easily finish it visually, let the user place and delete things, but the core flow network simulation will take me time

— The simulator has to be completed before the game can be, and is a discrete seperate component even

— Kek, make the visual wall building and stuff

— I have a whole binder of flow/graph theory papers from universities I am reading through

— I think cable drawing and connecting would be fun to implement

— So much math I am horrible at haha

— Awesome

— It may never happen but it is a cool idea for the future I guess

— After the basic math is done I need to tack on custom algorithms to make it behave closer to what the game needs, stuff like rate limiting and buffering

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— Will it implement TCP on top of UDP like the real thing?

— The flow simulation has to simulate even the cross cutting math, not just the end results, as the simulation is iterative and may have different behaviors depending on number of iterations (IE: takes 3 cycles to get a packet to somewhere)

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