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July 2017

— It's not a 100% browser


And I remember somebody talking about a web server that auto-executes JS and returns you the result as HTML

— S/server/headless browser

— But don't you python guys have that selenium thing?

— Yes we do (it's a works with many languages), but it sucks, badly

— I mean, it works I guess but I hate it out of principle

— Unless you are doing web testing you have no business using it basically

— I thought it was some kind of automation abstraction, capable of using multiple browsers / engines

— Yes, it's meant for testing

— You can write tests with selenium and have them execute across many browser types, versions and configurations

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— Some people use it for web scraping, and you *can* use it for that, technically

— But then again you can use an excavator to tidy your apartment too