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July 2017

— AND I did demonstrate that although I never built an app with React, I knew how it works since I reverse engineered it and read every line of source code, but that didn't matter

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I'll be honest here and say web dev culture, and frameworks culture, is just nasty to me. I can't really deal with it

— I enjoy infrastructure and meaningful theoretical computer science, and if I can express that in JS that's great, but I would never want to be a web developer as a full career

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— Maybe by 2020 we'll have actually stabilized the clusterfuck that is web dev standards

— Creator of ruby on rails

— :)

— I think something better and far simpler will come along and replace it all

— Surely

— Some highly optimized datapipeline system closely integrated with native C++ would be sweet

— No opinions, no rhetoric, just pure computer science applied neatly

— Exactly

— What we struggle with now is a lot of abstractions with no clear winner