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July 2017

— No they wanted a senior React engineer and apparently the recruiter did not communicate well with them

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There was another open position which just required "strong JS skills" but there were too many things they didn't like about me, such as never working in a software dev team before

— Oh shit

— Rough world

— I took a position at Turner Broadcasting instead, System Administrator in their Digital Operations Center, for 250 websites, 500 applications, 7000 servers and cloud infrastructure

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— Whaaat

— That's awesome

— TBH the CEO was in on the interview and did not know his stuff. They remarked I knew "too much theory" when I went over all the computer science basics every programmer should know

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— I said graph theory was a fundamental concept and can be applied to everything, and in response they basically brushed it off as being "too sciency" or something, as if it wasn't a good thing

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— What the fuck

— Have you seen the Google Interview videos on YouTube?

— Yeah, basically I demonstrated pretty high proficiency in CS and how it relates to JS, and they looked through it as irrelevant... fml

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