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July 2017

— nubilfi welcome :)


TRGWII I forgot to mention about the wordwrap function, the senior engineer agrees with you on that the regex makes it less readable

— It is basically embedding logic in a cryptic string and I even forgot which S/s was for non whitespace and vice versa

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— So yeah, you were right haha

— Yeah, regexp is pretty much a bad thing almost always

— Except for email validation, you don't want to do that yourself

— Did you get the job?

— No they wanted a senior React engineer and apparently the recruiter did not communicate well with them

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— There was another open position which just required "strong JS skills" but there were too many things they didn't like about me, such as never working in a software dev team before

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— Oh shit

— Rough world

— I took a position at Turner Broadcasting instead, System Administrator in their Digital Operations Center, for 250 websites, 500 applications, 7000 servers and cloud infrastructure

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