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July 2017

— They're tagged pointers carrying the name of the variable, too


So yes... you would be able to look at this during run time if we are provided an abstraction to the hash property

— You could look into the future, man

— And know, somewhere ahead of the current executing statement, there is a variable being declared but not allocated yet (due to not being executed yet)

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— You could perhaps, at the top of your functions, get a list of all the variables being declared

— This is especially powerful after a function finished executing too, since if you use that abstraction on a function after the fact, you could also see the same information from the outside

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— How to prevent the zoom in website ? f.e :- on android browser. any tip pls ?

— It is perhaps default behaviour of js, hoisting

— Exactly, this is how hoisting works

— Currently JS provides us with very inconsistent ways of determining if a variable is undeclared versus unassigned... you are forced into relying on a reference error

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— But the parser knows... if we had some abstraction like the hash thing, we could know

— It would mean so much for debugging and monitoring of scopes