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July 2017

— It feels like running around a catacombs with nothing but a glow stick


Like I get why too, native C++ MUST be behind a wall or the safety of JS would go away, but at the same time that doesn't mean we can't have some useful abstractions that let information propagate more easily

— Having access to what's in the hash table, even in a very indirect way, would be awesome

— Like if you run var thing = "Hello" over and over, V8 actually will not re allocate memory for that string, it will re-use the existing one from memory...

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— Now primitives are still copy-only, but until something edits the string it is very much the same exact memory location

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— So if you can imagine... having knowledge of that during execution... powerful

— How is this a bad thing though?

— Oh, right

— We could say, for instance, that a variable assignment is the property of X scope, and do metaprogramming

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— And cross-scope, know exactly where it came from

— You could manage source code from a top-down perspective during runtime, idk the formal term but it would be like "self-aware JS"

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— Aaaah, like Lisp macros?