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July 2017

— Omg this is awesome... compose a strategy of an ordered list of aspects which chain together... put traversal algorithm up top as an iterator, diff under that, and clone under that

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Then I pass the iterator object down and have it loop, the entry function to diff calling next on it

— Hmm, maybe the iterator advancement function can be it's own aspect under the generator

— Then I can re-use that bit

— This book helps me alot in js ☝️

— Iddfs -> iterator advancer -> diff -> clone -> loop back to iterator advancer

— And ofc state is passed back and forth to all these naturally

— What I don't like is the amount of function calls, wow

— Kek

— Use Lisp :D

— Maybe this is a cool concept but I think it might be bad for performance

— I think maybe, instead of doing full AOP, I can just implement some generic glue logic functions between the algorithms, and call reduce without using promises

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