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July 2017

— Ooooh


The exit of diff can be basically if (isDifferent) and will stop execution if false (therefore not doing a clone operation)

— Then the clone operation and diff operations can be totally unconcerned with each other

— This way, I can do a loooot with combining different algorithms without entangling them too much

— Ahhh

— Or maybe the enter of clone can be set similarly

— AOP basically isolates cross cutting concerns into point cuts, the enter and exit and wherever else I need one

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— Then all you have to change is those functions when you want to make one algo rely on the other, and some other interesting things

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— I might put up a little micro AOP framework just so it's on my portfolio :D

— This is something that could be done with code annotations that they are trying to push through, right?

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— Code annotations?

— I think some langs provide some AOP constructs, if you mean that